Best Buy suckering people

I went to Best Buy today to walk around and get out of the house. While I was there I walked past their little Mac section of the store. There was a man there looking and playing with a MacBook Pro. A Best Buy person came over and asked him if he needed any help. So the man proceeded to ask the Best Buy person how he would transfer his files from his PC to the Mac if he bought it. What I heard next just made me mad… She told him that in order to transfer the files to the new Mac he would need some expensive software or he could bring the PC in to Best Buy and they would transfer all his files over for a charge. Why is it stores like this try to get any amount of money they can out of people who are computer un-savy?

People it is really easy to move stuff between PC and Mac. Apple even has a small 2:30 minute video on how to do it.. Don’t let the Big Box stores charge you for something that is easy and any one can do it.

more on demand stuff on comcast

Woke up this morning to find that there were a ton of OnDemand channels now:
HBO ondemand (299),
Adult Virtual Channel (339),
HD OnDemand (487),
Free HD Movies on Demand (488),
HD Premium On Demand (490),
HD Music On Demand (491),
FearNet On Demand (510),
Searchlight Shopping (887),
Searchlight (888),
Searchlight Automotive (889),
Vote (890),
IAD23 (not sure what it is yet, 891),
IAD24 (892),
IAD25 (893),
ON_d (900),
Starz OnDemand (901),
Encore OnDemand (902),
TMC OnDemand(904),
HBO OnDemand (906),
Cinamax OnDemand (907),
Howard TV On Demand (908),
HD OnDemand (909),
Employee On Demand (910),
PlayBoy OnDemand(912),
WWE OnDemand (913),
Espanol OnDemand (914),
Bollywood OnDemand (915),
NBA Video OnDemand (916)

Not sure how many of these are included with what I am paying, some of them say I need to subscribe to them. Others are pay per show/movie..

Yet more “data” lost

Well it seems that yet another “tape” has been lost with peoples data on it.. GE Money is now reporting that 650,000 store credit card users could have their information in the hands of some one else. This seems to be a common quote now adays:

Getting data off the tape would be a chore for thieves according to Iron Mountain, although it said it regretting misplacing the tape. “We occasionally make mistakes,” a spokesperson told the Associated Press.

Why do they always think that it is going to be such a ‘chore’ for thieves to get data off of the tapes. I can almost bet that most people are NOT encrypting their data before it gets put on tape.