Night photography

Tried some night photography tonight with the christmas lighting of woodburn hall …full size images areĀ  here , all where shot in manual mode.. The pictures are of Woodburn and Olgebay Hall on the WVU campus.

Mail Pouch Barn

On my way home from seeing my mom in the hospital, I decided to take the back road (US19) instead of the highway (I79). On the way home I saw this…. Not to many of these exist any more.. But there were two on the road home. This one is kept up a little more than the other one had been.

Mail Pouch Barn

Coopers Rock fall panorama

The small picture here does not do it justice, click on it and go for the full size one.. (might take a while as it is 10meg in size…) This is what West Virginia looks like when the leaves change color..

Fall 2008

So we meet again

It has been a couple of years or more since I have seen this… The lighting sucked, but i believe it is a buzzard, and it set there like this for at least a couple of minutes.


There are a couple of other pictures on my flickr as well.

Surprise at home

Came home tonight and found 3 deer in my yard. 2 little bucks, and a doe, here is a picture of one of the bucks