No wonder it is cold outside

This week the weather has went from 77 degrees to 40… I think it is beause Com(pression)cast has actually done something good… They finally made the local broadcast channels that are in clear QAM show up on the channel numbers they should be. So instead of using 108.2201 for the local NBC affiliate, now you just have to use 11.1 which makes much more sense. Now if they would just make the rest of the channels in the clear it would really make my day.

Who makes this lamp?

When I was in Denmark I stayed at Copenhagen Island. They had a really cool bed side lamp/table that I forgot to try and see if there were any markings on it for who made it. Does any one know who makes this? It is really cool as it has a motion sensor in the base of it that when tripped will light up a LED light that points towards the ground. Was one of the neatest things I have seen in a while. I would like to find out who makes them and if they are available in the US.

bedside lamp

Interesting day

Funny how on this day last year we had a big snow storm and once again this year it is snowing outside on the same day. Only difference is this time last year I was in Orlando FL where it was nice and warm and having fun, and this year I am at home and far from having fun any more. The snow did not start today till about 2PM, whereas last year the snow was already on the ground and there was about 3 or 4 inches of it already. Funny how somethings change in a year and some don’t.

Identity Theft made easy

In this day and age where every one is trying to prevent identity theft it is extremely surprising to hear police officers read out a persons full name, social security number and make/color of car with the car’s license plate over a unencrypted radio channel. You would think that there would be rules against this, but obviously they must be thinking that there is no way for any one else to hear this traffic. Some times it just makes you wonder why there hasn’t been any sort of encryption put on the police bands so that normal people can’t hear this type of stuff.

Solaris at the local book store

Was at the local barnes and noble looking through the magazine section to see if anything caught my eye, and low and behold look what I saw:

Solaris in a Linux Magazine

Yup Solaris Express in DVD form attached to the front of a Linux magazine. This was nice to see since I usually always see one of those rag’s with the “distro of the week ®” on it..