DTV Transition update


Seriously though, I will be so glad when it is done. I am tired of seeing the commercials about the switch, the 30 minute infomercials, etc. Now only if I could actually get more than 1 Station at my house would I be happy. After the switch I will probably fix the antenna at my parents house, funny that they can get everything from Pittsburgh now, and when I was at home, most of the analog channels had interference on them.

Monster hacked again

Couldn’t believe that was hacked again. So I went to change my password on there, and this is what it showed me when I tried to use a 30 character password:


needless to say, I had to settle with a 14 character password before I just deleted the account all together. Hopefully their delete is really a delete. Kinda funny when the 30 character password I used was : TMG5IRWX4_hP5_Oi7Zh_N5oLXkeWP_

How to make a …

Since I have some time off from work, I decided to make some antenna’s to try and get some local HDTV signals. Tonight I was looking for some UHF bowtie plans, so off to google and I started typing in “how to make a ” and this is what the auto search showed me.. Thought it was kind of interseting what showed up.picture-6

It is about time. What is a Tad, Dash, Pinch or Smidgen?

While I was out walking around the massive amounts of people trying to get those sometimes good black friday deals I found these… I needed a new set of measuring spoons and the ones I got came with this extra set. I just wonder what the actually equate to? So if you really need a “tad” of thisĀ  or a “dash” of that, or a “pinch” here or a “smidgen” there, these are supposed to be what those “terms” equate too…