So ends another tech item

This may come as a surprise, but my “alter personality” does some Microsoft Windows server and workstation management. As such, years ago, I got a TechNet subscription so I could learn how it all worked. See coming from a UNIX side, even though Windows as point and clicky, there is still some technique to managing a windows environment. I also used it to learn Exchange and some SQL server as well. So over the years it has helped me a lot (not to mention the ability to test different versions of the OS and applications to see how they react to different systems.) So I was surprised to find out on Monday that Microsoft is canceling TechNet. While I can understand some of the reasons for it, it does leave us who like to learn at home a little in the dust.

While we can still download a “trial” version of some of the software, the time it would take to install, patch and get it up to “testing” status every time I wanted to test something is going to be a little much. So I wonder how soon it is before Microsoft possibly reverses this decision, just like the Xbox One issue.

There is the option of going to MSDN subscription, but when I am paying for this out of my own pocket, the $699 + $499 / year after that is a little much for me to pay for my self.