KDKA please fix your TVGOS signal

Found out that the problem with my TVGOS on my one TV is that KDKA doesn’t seem to “know” about Morgantown’s zip codes. So I sent them this tonight, will see what happens or if I even get a response:

Currently I have a TV that uses Macrovision’s (Rovi’s) TVGOS system to display the TV Guide program guide. When the signal was coming from the analog WNPB PBS Station in Morgantown WV everything seemed fine. However now that I get the signal from your station on Comcast Cable in Morgantown, the TV can never find the listings for Morgantown. I found that if I put in the zip code as 15222, it will display the comcast info for Pittsburgh, however that information is not correct for Comcast in Morgantown. Is there any way you can add Morgantown’s zip code and channel info to what ever transmits that data? Specifically 26505 or 26501.