Comcast Cable modem Speed upgrade

It seems that comcast has raised the download and upload speed on some of the segments in morgantown. I did not notice it as I had QoS turned on my router. I turned it off tonight and now get 12+ meg down and 3+ meg up…. It is nice to be finally able to upload pictures to Flickr and not have to wait all day. I did 11 2Meg pictures in about 1 minute tonight.

picture-2 results

2 Replies to “Comcast Cable modem Speed upgrade”

  1. Wow, that’s fast. Lucky you. I am paying around $100 for a rather slow 2Mb connection that’s currently suffering from cut cables in the Med!

  2. yeah fast, but my cable bill is usually ~$200 a month…. price has increased almost $100 since 2003, and the only real change was a couple of HD channels were added. A lot of the movie channels were dropped. Is that a DSL or cable connection you have?

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