how time has changed

As I walked around the mall and stores today it is surprising at what people do. Most people I saw were walking around with the cell phone affixed to their head. The funny ones were the man/woman couple’s that were walking together talking on their own phones to who ever. (would have been pretty funny if they were talking to each other.) Then there are the parents that are taking their kids around to shop. Everything from the very young to the teen ager’s. Considering it was only 30° yet, they let their kids be out in shorts and tshirts with no jackets. Then you hear them coughing and hacking their heads off while they are walking behind you.

The next funny thing is seeing a woman that was about 400 lbs wearing a t-shirt that said “to hot to love”. Turned around and saw another very large woman with a sweatshirt that had murder spelled backwards on it. Not sure what that meant.

If I only had a camera with me, it would have been a sight to see.

And the final thing, if you are the owner of a big box store, and have 20+ checkout lanes, and there are more than 3 people in each line, please freaking open more than 4 lines for people to check out in. (cough walmart cough)