Lego as collector items

Once a kid always a kid…. I have liked Lego’s ever since I can remember getting my first set way long time ago.. So I was out looking at amazon to see what they have come up with now days. To my surprise I saw a couple of sets that I have gotten recently. It seems that they are no longer sold by lego, and therefore are extremely expensive collector items… The plane I got at a local Target a year or so ago, at the time it was $49.99.. Now it is selling on amazon for yes, $329.99.. The train set, I recieved as a gift… It is now $300.00. I thought amazon was screwed up so I went around and looked at some other sites, and they too list these items for that much. and to prove it seeing is believing:


not even done looking yet, and found the same plane offered by the same third party people for $699.99 wow, just wow… $700.00 for something that not a year ago was $49.99. And in the 2 minutes it took me to type this and do another search for the train, it went up almost $200. It is now $499.99.

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