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So I get poked fun of at work any time I wear a Sun shirt.(And no I don’t have Sun Underwear, or Sun Socks, or anything with a Sun logo that is below the belt.).. When I first started I pretty much wore a Sun logo’d item every day… (I have enough, more on that later).  I have cut back some (have to dress up a little more now.) So I decided tonight to start going through the house to find all of my Sun stuff. So far this is what I have found:

  1. Numerous ink pens. Everything from the pen/highlighters from classes, to some more expensive ones that are engraved/etched.
  2. Sun Mints (got to say one of the weirdest)
  3. Sun Sun Glasses
  4. Various Sun Hardware, from Servers to workstations. (SPARC2, 5, and Ultra 5)
  5. Broke Sun Ray 1 (the caps in it were from the bad caps era)
  6. 3 Sun Binders
  7. 1 Sun Leather notebook
  8. 4 Sun ceramic mugs
  9. 2 Sun mugs
  10. 1 Sun Water bottle
  11. 3 Sun book bags
  12. 2 Sun Jackets
  13. 1 Sun folding Camp stool
  14. 7 Sun Polo Shirts
  15. 1 Sun long Sleeve dress shirt
  16. 10 Sun T-Shirts
  17. 3 or 4 Sun Mouse pads, both cloth and the old hashed ones for the original optical mouse
  18. 3 Sun lapel pins for Certifications that I have earned.
  19. 3 Sun “business cards” for certifications that I have earned
  20. Sun microphone
  21. Sun Java Cup Coaster
  22. Sun Stop Watch
  23. Wireless Sun laptop mouse
  24. 1 Sun CoolThreads niagra CPU
  25. Various Sun Java Cards from the EBC
  26. Copies of SunOS 4
  27. Copies of Solaris for SPARC and Intel from Solaris 2.5 up to and including Solaris 10
  28. Copy of OpenSolaris 2005.08
  29. Various Sun brochures, pictures and marketing items
  30. little Java Duke squeeze toy
  31. Sun Monitor Duster
  32. Very old Sun Frisbee
  33. 3 Sun baseball hats
  34. Sun Type 4 keyboard
  35. Sun Type 5 keyboard
  36. Sun Type 6 keyboard

This is just what I have found in the couple of hours I looked briefly through the house.  And for the proof here are some pics.  So as you can see I am a “Sun Geek”.

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