Ralphie May coming to town

One of my favorite comics Ralphie May is coming to town for a Feb 18th show.. Just hope I am around to see it. I have seen him once before live, and I never laughed so hard as I did that night. My cheek bones were hurting for a couple of hours after that show. His then girlfriend (now wife Lahna Turner) opened for him and she was pretty darn funny as well.

Yet more “data” lost

Well it seems that yet another “tape” has been lost with peoples data on it.. GE Money is now reporting that 650,000 store credit card users could have their information in the hands of some one else. This seems to be a common quote now adays:

Getting data off the tape would be a chore for thieves according to Iron Mountain, although it said it regretting misplacing the tape. “We occasionally make mistakes,” a spokesperson told the Associated Press.

Why do they always think that it is going to be such a ‘chore’ for thieves to get data off of the tapes. I can almost bet that most people are NOT encrypting their data before it gets put on tape.