No wonder it is cold outside

This week the weather has went from 77 degrees to 40… I think it is beause Com(pression)cast has actually done something good… They finally made the local broadcast channels that are in clear QAM show up on the channel numbers they should be. So instead of using 108.2201 for the local NBC affiliate, now you just have to use 11.1 which makes much more sense. Now if they would just make the rest of the channels in the clear it would really make my day.

Getting mad at comcast

For the last two days comcast has called and started out by saying that since you are a current subscriber we have a bundle for you that will put all your bills on piece of paper.. They then go on to try to get me to sign up for their Digital voice package. Which is stupid because I use Packet8.

The first day the lady asked if I was spending more than $40 a month on phone bills. I told her no, and she said “really, you don’t spend more than $40 on your monthly phone bill?” I said no, and then she said ok have a good day and hung up.

Today another different woman called. Started out with the same speech. I then cut her off and told her that I had already got called and said no to the “deal”. She was surprised I said no and then said ok good bye… I wonder if I don’t get another call before the week is done. Funny that it is coming from the same phone number (978)848-5001. And looking at my phone log it looks like I have already been called 3 times.

Which brings me to my second point about being mad at comcast. Why is it that they keep adding crappy channels to the system and making the HD channels almost as bad as the SD channels. Why are there 38 different channels that say “Test”? Now they are also running tickers that say they are getting rid of more channels(specificly the asian ones), but they will still support those people with programs and community activities.

If it weren’t for their cable modem service, I would probably drop Com(pression)cast and get a Dish, because the HD service just keeps getting worse.

more on demand stuff on comcast

Woke up this morning to find that there were a ton of OnDemand channels now:
HBO ondemand (299),
Adult Virtual Channel (339),
HD OnDemand (487),
Free HD Movies on Demand (488),
HD Premium On Demand (490),
HD Music On Demand (491),
FearNet On Demand (510),
Searchlight Shopping (887),
Searchlight (888),
Searchlight Automotive (889),
Vote (890),
IAD23 (not sure what it is yet, 891),
IAD24 (892),
IAD25 (893),
ON_d (900),
Starz OnDemand (901),
Encore OnDemand (902),
TMC OnDemand(904),
HBO OnDemand (906),
Cinamax OnDemand (907),
Howard TV On Demand (908),
HD OnDemand (909),
Employee On Demand (910),
PlayBoy OnDemand(912),
WWE OnDemand (913),
Espanol OnDemand (914),
Bollywood OnDemand (915),
NBA Video OnDemand (916)

Not sure how many of these are included with what I am paying, some of them say I need to subscribe to them. Others are pay per show/movie..

FMOD part 2

So I tried the SA 3100 receiver last night… It just set there on the “Please wait….” screen. So I figured a good old three finger salute would do the trick. I turned the receiver off and unplugged it. Left it unplugged for about a minute or so and then plugged it back in. Took forever to actually boot up, but now I can get the Free Movies on Demand on that box too.

Free movies on demand finally

It seems that Comcast has finally fixed their FMOD (free movies on demand) in morgantown. I was playing around with the receiver tonight and decided to turn to the channel and the stuff actually comes in now. Although the selection is not that “good” there are a lot on there, and there is also free HD movies on there as well. Just wish I had an HD tv now to watch them. Now if comcast would only get Boomerang on the local line up, I would be happy. Now I wonder if it only works on the DVR receiver or if it works on the others as well. Will have to try it and see.