XM Eager to get customers back

Ever since I canceled the XM Radio, they have been sending letters, calling and now email as well. This one came today, interesting that they are letting the radio be active for 2 weeks to try and get people to come back. Not to many other services that will do that. When was the last time you seen Comcast or Verizon give you 2 free weeks of limited service after you canceled their service.

xm radio email

Canceling an XM Radio

I was trying to cancel one of the XM radio’s we have. I had called back in November to cancel it since it was not being used. They told me that it was under a 1 year contract and that it expired on the 6th of December. (I never remember seeing anything on any of the documents about it being a 1 year contract..) So I told them to just mark it as canceled so I would not get billed again in December. Well I got an email from one of my credit cards last night saying that there was a charge that had been placed on it, which was weird as I had not used it for months. So I went to see what it was, and guess who XM Radio. So now I am pretty mad, I have had nothing but problems with their billing system. So luckly they did not close till 11PM last night so I called them. I pressed the button for Billing, and talked to some one and told him my problem. He said, oh ok, let me transfer you to billing. (WTF? I pressed the billing number do they all just go to some catch all person). So I get transfered to some one in “billing” told this person my story. Well she could not do anything she had to transfer me to some one else after looking at my record and the person from November put in there I would call back in December to cancel it. (Which I had not agreed to, I told them to just cancel the radio). So now I am on the third person, she asked why I was canceling it. I told her that it was not being used, so she then tried to offer me another 3 months for just $14.95. I told her no. So she then marked the Radio as canceled and it would be deactivated on March 6 2008. I told her no I did not want that I wanted it canceled now and I wanted a refund. So she tried to talk me out of canceling it again. So again I told her that I wanted it canceled and I wanted a refund. She finally got it and said that I should have a refund in the next 24 to 48 hours.

They seem to be almost as bad as AOL is with canceling stuff.

XM Radio Again

This should be called “XM Radio and WTF are you doing!”. Every one has probably seen the Opie and Anthony thing by now so I am not even going to mention any more about that (never listened to them anyways). But I was trying to get in to my listen on line account tonight and forgot what password it had (because that account is DIFFERENT than the listener no care account).. So any ways I told it to send me the password in email, but it went to my old account (which I just happened to still have access too). This made me mad, I had sent them several emails requesting that my listen online account’s email address be changed to my new one, everytime they sent me some “canned” response but never really changed the email address or even answered why they couldn’t do it. So tonight I sent them another email.. So everyone else can see here it is:

I have been trying for months now to change the contact email address in my listen online account. everytime I try to change the email address to my email of xxx@yyy.com it comes back saying that it is unable to do that as an account exists that already has that email address. I NO LONGER have access to my zzz@aaa.net account so when I forgot my password today the reminder was sent to that account which I had to call and get reactivated just so I could get the reminder. PLEASE CHANGE the email address linked to my zzz@aaa.net account to be xxx@yyy.com. Your web interface will not let me do this, and I sat on the phone on “hold” (dead air, no sound what so ever) for at least 20 minutes before hanging up because you have no customer service people available to even answer the phones.

Secondly I am also trying to verify my account info in the listener no care web site and every single time I click on any of the links (for example change your contact & billing information) I get an error saying”

The page at https://xmro-secure.xmradio.com says: We are in the process of updating your account. Certain features will be inaccessible for the next 10 minutes. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause.”

I have been getting this error for over a year now and have asked SEVERAL times to look into it and fix it but I only get canned responses back with no help what so ever.

If these problems aren’t fixed soon I will be looking to go else where for service as I am not getting any Customer Service from XM RADIO.

If you are unable to fix the problems above, can you delete anything with zzz@aaa.net and xxx@yyy.com so I can reregister my self in with the correct info?

I have seen some pretty bad customer service from different places, but XM’s has made the new top of my list of worst places to deal with. I sure hope Sirius will take them over and can all the XM CS people as right now I could probably get a better answer to my questions by going to McDonalds than I can by trying to talk to one of XM’s CSR’s.

XM Part 2

I figured my dealings with XM were over this year the other day, but wouldn’t you know it they called me at 9AM this morning to say that I had not paid my bill yet. It was the same people that called the other night and hung up on me.. I told the guy (Eric) this morning that I had paid it the other night after they had called and hung up on me. He then sounded surprised, and said, oh I see where you paid this, sorry and have a good day.

So now I am wondering if XM is actually outsourcing their billing stuff to some third part company.. Anyways, one more call and I will be really mad.

XM Radio and their “customer service”

I have had XM Radio in my car since December of 2004 (it came with the car and 3 months free), I like the service, it is so nice to be able to drive across 3 different states and listen to the same channel with out having to re tune the radio, etc.. But I absolutely hate their customer service people and their web site. My problems with them started right after the three months of free service.

The first problem I had was I paid for the subscription for one year, but they never activated my radio, so driving down the road and all of the sudden the radio will only turn to the preview channel. Wow was I mad, when you pay $140 and change for a service, you would expect it to not cut out on you, because they feel you didn’t pay the bill. I paid the bill through their web site, problem #1. See their web site is the clunkiest thing in the world. I had a print out that said I paid the bill, but they had no record of it ever being paid. I then received bills in the mail saying I hadn’t paid them. I finally ended up calling them and they took my credit card and billed me about $150 (about $10 more than I had done through the web, because they charge stupid activation fees. Note the first charge never did appear on my bank statement).

So fast forward a year, and I get a letter in the mail saying they were going to auto charge my credit card for the next year’s subscription. This was the second thing that made me mad was that they actually stored my credit card info. But I figured it wouldn’t go through because the card they had, had expired in September of the previous year, and it was now march. But wouldn’t you know it, they charged it anyways, which means they obviously are not checking to see if the cards are even valid any more.

Fast forward to this week, and the problem has started all over again. See last year (after they charged my credit card) I got a letter from my bank saying that my card was one of the ones stolen in a credit card bust, so I was almost positive they would not be able to charge that card and if they did, they would be having some other problems. So I spent the other day trying to log in to their “listener care” web site to see if there was a way to get the credit card out of there and change it. Well every single time I clicked on any of the “billing” or change contact info links I got this error:

xm error message

This is the error I get no matter what time of day, no matter what computer or if I am at home or my office. I ended up sending them an email the other night, but never heard any thing back. So last night I get a call from XM saying that I had not paid my bill yet. I explained to the woman (whom I could barely hear even with the volume all the way up) that I had been trying to do it all week but their web site constantly gave me that error message. Her response was that they are constantly updating their web site to make it current and that the error should go away after 10 minutes. I told her it never goes away, and she then hung up on me. Wow what great customer service. So I called back and got a different woman. I told her my whole story and that they were trying to charge an expired and stolen credit card and the such. She then took my new credit card number and said my bill was now payed. Great, another year and then the whole thing will start over again.

So I get home today after my final day at work, and what is in the mail, a letter from “XM Radio Collections” saying I had a past due bill and the credit card on file with them the bank is reporting as invalid (duh!). Which is really funny because that is the first bill they have actually mailed me this year. Way to go XM. I tried to log in to see my billing info to verify that it was in deed paid, and guess what:

xm error message

yup, still broke. So I hope the XM and Sirius merger goes through and Sirius takes over everything as I am pretty fed up with XM’s Customer Service. What made me most mad about calling XM is that when you are on hold they keep telling you to go to their web site to do everything you need to do with your account. That would be all fine and well if their web site actually worked, but it NEVER works. I am not even going to put in this post about trying to change my email address with the and the fact that the email address is some primary key in their database and there can never be two accounts with the same email address.