More old picture restoration

I did these two pics in about 3 hours… not the best that could be done, but considering the what I had to work with and that the pictures were from the early 1900’s, it is better than what I started with.

To start off, I did this pic: (completely untouched except I resized the 1200dpi scan to 72 dpi)
first pic original

After about an hour and half I got this:
first pic final

The next pic was this one:
second picture original

and after a couple of hours I got this:
second picture final

hopefully my parents will like them better than the originals.

Finished the Pictures

I had started some editing of pictures earlier, but I decided to start over from scratch. Here is a tip for fixing pictures that are old Black and White ones and have had tape or other damage to them.
First off, don’t scan them in Grayscale, scan them in as RGB (color). Do it in the highest resolution your scanner will do, I scanned these in at 4800 dpi. Next (hope you have Adobe Photoshop around), click on the Channels tab and then delete the Blue Channel. This will then turn the picture to CMYK and leave you with Cyan and Magenta. Next Delete the Magenta channel and you are left with Cyan. Most of the work has been done. (See below for what I mean.) Now convert it to GrayScale and then to RGB. You can now use the Healing brush tool and the clone tool to fix the picture.

Here is images of what I am describing above:

Originial Image (scanned in RGB):

After Deleting the Blue and Magenta Layer:

After 3 hours of touch up:

Here is the other image I did as well, it did not take as long:


As a footnote, if you plan on editing pictures scanned in at very high resolution, make sure you have a ton of ram and a fast processor. Also Adobe PhotoShop will not save a file that is larger than 2 GB, found out the hardway and had to resize one of the pictures.

Picture Fixn’

I should really quit my current job and go in to graphics… My Mom asked me to fix a coule of pictures for her. One of her, and one of her and her brother . So I scanned them in at 4800 dpi, and spent the afternoon on the first pass on each…

Here is the original of her:
Mom original pic
Here is the retouched B/W one:
Mom bw pic
And I decided to try to make it color:
Mom color pic

And here it the original of her and her brother:
Mom and brother original pic
Here is the retouched B/W one:
Mom and brother bw pic
And I decided to try to make it color:
Mom and brother color pic