Night photography

Tried some night photography tonight with the christmas lighting of woodburn hall …full size images areĀ  here , all where shot in manual mode.. The pictures are of Woodburn and Olgebay Hall on the WVU campus.

Mountaineer Madness

Went and saw the new WVU 2008 Men’s and Women’s basketball team last night. They were also showing off the new Score board, laser’s and ribbon board at the Coliseum. Here is a picture of one of the slam dunks contestents, click this flickr link to see the rest.

Flying Fish moving…

While I was out driving around today, I went past where one of my favorite seafood restaurants was in town. Unfortunately their sign was gone, and a different one was there. One for an Italian restaurant (Oliverio’s). To me it seemed as though Flying Fish had went out of business. Which was sad as they always had the freshest fish in town. When I got home I started looking at the Glasshouse Grille’s web page (since they are the owners of the Flying Fish & Co) and saw this:

A new home for Flying fish and Company is now under construction

in the Seneca Center on Beechurst Avenue, right across the hall

from our parent restaurant, The Glasshouse Grille.

Our new store will feature most of the same great seafood, soups, and salads

folks have enjoyed since we started in 2002. Fresh fish fillets cut to order

and a variety of shellfish will be waiting for the cook-at-home gourmets!

This was so cool. Not only is it moving closer to where I live but it has not gone away forever….

On Demand coming soon along with Red Lobster

I noticed the other night while flipping through the channels that there is now a couple of new channels on the cable boxes. One is 298 and it says something like “free on demand movies”. But every time I go to it, it just sits there saying “Please Wait”. There is another channel 999, which I guess is for the Comcast Tech people only. When I clicked on the OnDemand button on the remote, it took me to a channel, but said I was not authorized to receive that channel.

Another thing coming to town is Red Lobster, will be going in right next to Olive Garden, which is no surprise since I think they are owned by the same company.

1 year and 3 different air carriers

Well in under a year, there will have been three different air carriers servicing the Morgantown/Clarksburg/Parkersburg WV cities. Last year around this time it was serviced by Continental Express (Regions Air) which flew to Cleveland, OH. They got grounded so Colgan came in and started flying to Pittsburgh again under the USAirways Express name. Well USAirways is pulling so many flights out of Pittsburgh that the 3 little cities in WV were some of the first to go. So now Colgan will switch to United and fly from the three cities to Dulles.. At least there are more connection options out of there.