First day of vacation

Well today was the first day of real vacation I have had in a while. (Thanks to the Thanksgiving break.) Decided to try and fix the “coldness” in the family room by putting insulation in the floor joists in the ceiling of the basement. Seems to be helping some, will have to see how much it helps when then wind starts blowing. Tomorrow is 2 thanksgiving dinners, and then one more on friday. I will not want to see turkey for a while.


Well my DSL is almost hooked up, so I once again will have a direct connection to the WVU Network from home. No more tunneling through 5 servers forwards and back. If it is reliable and speedy (could not get the 1.5 Meg, so I think they are giving me the 768K) I may end up dropping Adelphia and get a Dish. Looks like saturday will be another trip to lowes for another 500 foot of Cat 5E cable to finish redoing the phone lines in the house so I don’t have to put DSL filters on every phone.