Comcast DTA part duex

As a continuation to my last post about Comcast and their lovely DTA’s, I had left the “broke” one connected and running for 5 days. It never did sync up, so I decided this morning to take it to the local Comcast office and get a new one. So I made the trip out there this morning and got a new one still in the box. Once I got home I plugged it in and tried to activate it, but still a no go. I just kept saying “We’ve detected an interruption in your service…. Please call comcast”

I contacted Comcast and they sent some “special hits” to the box, but after an hour or so, nothing had changed. I then disconnected the box from my in-house cable system and connected it to the cable that came in from the pole. Still no go, this tells me that it is something on Comcast’s side and not my house cable plant. So I talked to the Comcast person some more and she scheduled a tech to come to my house next Saturday. ( I refuse to take off 8 hours during the week to wait on them).

About 40 minutes later, I got a call from Tony from Comcast in Pittsburgh. He saw my request and called to try and help me “hook the dta up”. I explained what was going on, and he pulled up my account and said “oh I see what is wrong, let me call you right back, I need to ask some one something”. Then about 5 minutes later, the box all of the sudden came to life and was working. He called back to make sure it was, to which I said yes and thanked him for helping out. He said there was some “coding” problem on their side that was causing the problem. So I bet the first box was fine after all, just no one looked at where he did to see what was wrong.

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  1. So did he happen to say what the problem was? I’m having the same issue. I spent an hour on chat and an hour on the phone with comcast last night. Both my DTAs blink blink pause, and have the service interruption notice on the TV.

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