TiVo and comcast part 2

Finally getting around to writing about the second appointment with Comcast last friday afternoon. This time the Comcast dude called me at about 10 minutes after 2pm to say he was on his way. (Yeah!) So he shows up (real comcast person and not a contractor this time). He also brought 3 cable cards with him, thanks to @comcaststeve for making sure that note was made and for Jason (the comcast tech) for also bringing extra.

The first thing we did was check the current one that was put in almost a week prior. Yup, still not activated. So we pulled it and put a “new” one in. Jason called the Comcast office and they “sent the signal” well we waited and chatted for a about 30 minutes, and it never got the signal. So another call back and this time a different person. He seemed to think he was “better” than the last person and that the last person didn’t know what they were doing. Well this guy didn’t either, as the signal he sent to the card was the “kill one” which basically inactivated the card. But we did not know this until another 30 minutes past and we called in again because no signal had been received.

So they had us put in the another card and they sent the signal again. Still no go, so they put the final card in. I am not entirely sure what they did on their side, but the card finally said it was activated (the woman on the phone kept talking to some other techs in the back about what to send to it to make it ‘work’.) Well it finally started “working” and I could finally get all the channels I pay for, (which is basically everything) so Jason left and I finally have full HD cable in the bed room. All told there were 4 cable cards used, 2 onsite techs, probably 6 phone techs and 2 online techs that worked on getting my new TiVo working.