Idea for Solaris 11/Express

As I set here upgrading my Laptop from Solaris Express nv16 to nv30, I had the thought, why doesn’t Sun bundle the Sun Studio 11 compilers with the OS? GCC is nice and all, but now that the Studio 11 compilers are “free” why can’t they be bundled either in place of GCC or along with GCC. I like the Sun Compilers/Studio so much better as the code they produce is faster and smaller than the GCC stuff. Another benefit of it, fix the following “error”:

# which cc
# cc test.c
/usr/ucb/cc: language optional software package not installed

Although it is not really an “error” persay, those new to Solaris are often asking where are the compilers at and why does it always say that they are not installed.

So any one from Sun have any input on this, whether it is planned or even feasible? I would love to be able to install everything from one DVD and all during the initial install.

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  1. Including Sun Studio 11 with OpenSolaris is
    an obvious good thing. But it takes a while
    to work out the details. I can’t officially speak
    for Sun here, but I would say the outlook is good.

    Removing that stupid /usr/ucb/cc link is whole
    nother p.i.t.a. and needs to be done regardless.


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